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999-6994-000 (North America), 999-6994-001 (International)

The WallVIEW HD-USB SR is built around the ClearVIEW HD-USB high definition camera, the world’s first broadcast-quality HD PTZ camera with USB and Ethernet streaming built right into the camera. Now you can directly plug an HD PTZ camera directly into your PC — without the need for a separate capture device. Because the WallVIEW HD-USB SR uses standard UVC drivers, no special USB drivers need to be installed. As a result they work seamlessly with any software application running on any OS that supports USB 2.0 devices.

With a built in Ethernet network interface you can now do both IP control and IP Streaming directly from the camera. It will support either RTSP or HLS streaming protocols. You can choose from either USB or IP streaming - they are not available simultaneously.

The camera features a 19x optical zoom lens with a 58.1-degree wide angle of view — wide enough to view everyone at a standard conference table, as well as capture an individual from a long distance at 3.2 degrees in a larger room. The zoom range provides great flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

The WallVIEW HD-USB SR comes with an active USB 2.0 port-powered extension cable and power extension module for running power, video and control up to 65 feet.

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