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Sony EVI-D80 SD PTZ Camera

  • S-video or composite
  • One Cat.5 for Power/Video
  • One Cat.5 for Control
  • Daisy Chain-ability
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  • WallVIEW D80
999-2684-000 (Black, NTSC), 999-2684-000W (White, NTSC)
The Vaddio WallVIEW D80 PTZ is built around the standard definition Sony EVI-D80 camera, a thin profile wall mount and the Vaddio EZCamera Cabling System.  The EZCamera cabling system allows the user/installer to use two Cat. 5 calbes to run video, power and control.  Also included is the EZCamera Shoe built for the back panel of the D80 camera and the PowerRite power supply.

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Accessories & Peripherals Compatible with WallVIEW D80

No firmware updates are available at this time.

This Camera has been "Vaddio-ized"

Manufactured by trusted partners, our OEM cameras have been paired with additional features and connectivity by Vaddio. We start with great gear and enhance it with the Art of Easy.