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PowerVIEW HD-30

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  • HDMI, YPbPr, USB 2.0 or H.264 Streaming Outputs
  • Power/Video/Control on two Cat-5’s up to 150’ (45.72m) for ZoomSHOT/WideSHOT series cameras
  • Power/Video/Control on two Cat-5’s up to 100’ (30.5m) for RoboSHOT, PowerVIEW and ClearVIEW series cameras
  • Embedded Web Server for browser-based robotic camera control, and CCU image and color control
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  • PowerVIEW HD-30 QUSB System
999-6979-000 (North America), 999-6979-001 (Europe/UK)

Vaddio’s PowerVIEW HD-30 brings 3-Chip broadcast camera performance to a Single-Chip camera. Based on third-generation Maicovicon 2.2 Megapixel MOS imaging sensor technology, the HD-30 improves color and brightness uniformity, ensuring an improved high definition image quality.

The HD-30 comes equipped with a multi-element 30x optical glass auto-focus zoom lens that provides up to a 65-degree field-of-view for a wide range of telephoto or wide-angle shot options. The HD-30 has a robust 30x optical power zoom, capable of capturing the most detailed video images regardless of room size.

When paired with the Quick-Connect USB Interface, the outputs include USB 2.0 (UVC) Streaming or IP (H.264) Streaming in RTSP or HLS formats with IP control and simultaneous HDMI and HD analog component (YPbPr) video outputs.  

  • PowerVIEW HD-30
    PowerVIEW HD-30

    Professional camera with 30x zoom. Superior performance in low-light environments. HDMI and YPbPr outputs. Recommended for large meeting rooms, lecture halls, and houses of worship. Select the appropriate Quick-Connect interface for the distance and connectivity needed for your installation.

  • Thin Profile Wall Mount Bracket for Vaddio HD-Series Cameras
    Thin Profile Wall Mount Bracket for Vaddio HD-Series Cameras

    Wall Mount for ClearVIEW HD-20SE, HD-USB and PowerVIEW HD-22, HD-30 Cameras - Black (535-2020-230)

  • Vaddio IR Remote Commander
    Vaddio IR Remote Commander

    Compatible IR remote control for Vaddio™ and Sony cameras.

  • Quick-Connect USB Interface
    Quick-Connect USB Interface

    Quick-Connect USB Interface for video, power and control over Cat-5 up to 150’ (45.72m). Features HD video outputs and USB 2.0 Streaming and Ethernet Streaming.

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