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DomeVIEW 70 Flush Mount Camera System

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Sony EVI-D70 PTZ Camera

  • S-video or composite
  • One Cat.5 for Power/Video
  • One Cat.5 for Control
  • Daisy Chain-ability
999-9000-070 (North America Only)
The DomeVIEW 70 Flush Mount Camera System is an integrated camera mounting system designed for indoor security applications. The 7.3-inch (18.54cm) flush mount dome enclosure is outfitted with the internal brackets to support the Sony EVI-D70 pan/tilt/zoom camera and Vaddio’s EZCamera Cabling System, which enables the use of Cat. 5 cabling for video, power and control.

The Domes are formed from optical grade polycarbonate and are available in clear (standard) or smoked tint (optional).

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Accessories & Peripherals Compatible with DomeVIEW 70 Flush Mount Camera System

No firmware updates are available at this time.

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