System Featuring Sony EVI-D100 PTZ Camera

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WallVIEW 100 PTZ - Black Camera

999-2204-000B (NTSC), 999-2204-001B (PAL)
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The WallVIEW 100 PTZ is a complete Wall-Mounted pan/tilt/zoom Camera System. The system includes a Sony EVI-100 PTZ camera, a thin profile wall-mount bracket for the camera and the Vaddio EZCamera Cabling System. The EZCamera Cabling System allows the installer to use Cat. 5 cabling to run power, video and camera control. Also included is Vaddio’s PowerRite™ Power Supply. The PowerRite system regulates the right amount of power needed for the camera over Cat. 5 cabling.

Key Features

  • Sony EVI-D100 Standard Definition PTZ Camera
  • 1CCD Image Device
  • 10x lens, NTSC/PAL
  • EZCamera Cable System for video, power and control over Cat. 5 cabling
  • Thin profile wall mount bracket and power supply