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Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ Camera

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Key Features
  • 3CMOS Image Device
  • 20x lens, 1080i/59.94i, 1080/50i (switchable) with simultaneous SD output
  • 1.12 Megapixels
  • Optional video output cards available
  • Includes PowerRite power supply, IR Remote and AC cord set
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  • Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ Camera
999-6800-000 (North America), 999-6800-001 (International)
The BRC-Z700 combines a high picture quality HD 3 CMOS camera with pan/tilt/zoom mechanism, wrapped in a sleek, compact body. Like its other family members, the BRC-300 and the BRC-H700, the BRC-Z700 can also be ceiling mounted.

The BRC-Z700 supports simultaneous outputs of analog HD YPbPr output as well as Y/C and composite in Standard Definition (SD). It is also equipped with a slot for optional cards to adapt to diverse needs. By inserting the optional BRBK-HSD1 card into this slot, High Definition SDI (HD-SDI) as well as down converted SD SDI output is possible by proper selection (not simultaneously). For HD optical multiplex remote operation, the BRC-Z700 requires a new BRBK-MF1 board. Boards used with the existing BRC-H700 camera are NOT compatible with the BRC-Z700. When used with the BRU-H700 HD optical multiplex unit, the BRC-Z700 in combination with the new BRBK-MF1 board, can transmit uncompressed digital data without deterioration through the CCFC-M100HG HD optical fiber cable.

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Accessories & Peripherals Compatible with Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ Camera

No firmware updates are available at this time.