• 12x zoom
  • 73° FOV
  • HDBaseT outputs
  • PoE+
Key Features
  • Exmor® 1/2.8 type, high-speed, low-noise image sensor
  • 73° horizontal field of view
  • Simultaneous HDBT, HDMI and IP H.264 streaming
  • Designed for use with the OneLINK HDMI receiver
Other Views
  • RoboSHOT 12 HDBT
999-9960-000 (North America), 999-9960-001 (Europe/UK), 999-9960-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

Razor-sharp high-definition (1080p) video and 12x zoom with 73° horizontal field of view in super-wide mode, 6.6° fully zoomed in. Improved color mapping for true, precise color representation. The wide dynamic range (WDR) setting provides clear detail in high-contrast, bright lighting conditions, and Tri-Synchronous Motion technology allows all three axes of the camera (pan, tilt and zoom) to move simultaneously for ultra-smooth, natural camera motion.

Video outputs include simultaneous HDBaseT, HDMI and IP (H.264) streaming. Connect directly to HDBaseT-compatible devices, or pair with the Vaddio OneLINK HDMI receiver to simplify cabling and extend installation distance.

Recommended for small to medium spaces such as conference rooms, training rooms, and classrooms that require a wide angle of view. Available with the OneLINK HDMI receiver as the RoboSHOT OneLINK 12 HDBT System.

Product Details

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