Key Features
  • Transitions include cross fade, nine wipes, cut, fade to black (FTB)
  • 12 camera presets
  • Lower Screen Graphics feature for inserting graphics over video
  • Trigger inputs for camera switching
  • Discrete pan, tilt, and zoom speed knobs
Other Views
  • ProductionVIEW™ HD
999-5600-000 (North America), 999-5600-001 (International)

The ProductionVIEW HD multi-camera control system is designed to handle the most demanding live broadcast or staging events, yet it’s simple enough to allow a novice to shoot like a pro. ProductionVIEW HD integrates PTZ camera control and multi-format HD/SD live switching with real-time graphics and effects into one easy-to-use control console.

The completely redesigned surface gives system users real-time knobs and buttons to control functions. Because ProductionVIEW HD is a live broadcast console, not a computer, the entire system produces only one frame of delay – a critical requirement where image magnification is used.

Accessories & Peripherals Compatible with ProductionVIEW™ HD

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