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CeilingVIEW HD HideAway

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Key Features
  • Motorized back box assembly with ceiling bridge mounting bracket
  • Power Interface for lift power and control over Cat. 5 cable (up to 100 ft.)
  • Compatible with any Vaddio WallVIEW or WallVIEW DVI/HDMI camera package
  • Includes an RJ-45/RS-232 adapter for integration with external control systems
  • Camera not included
  • **Not compatible with QCCU versions or ClearVIEW "naked" versions
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  • CeilingVIEW HD HideAway
999-2520-000 (North America), 999-2520-001 (International)

Built for the Vaddio RoboSHOT and HD-Series PTZ Cameras, the CeilingVIEW HD HideAway Lift System provides a quality high definition ceiling-mounted motorized lift solution for classrooms, training facilities and conference rooms. While in use, the camera is quietly lowered from the ceiling. To ensure privacy, once the camera is turned off, the camera retracts into the ceiling completely concealed.

Adding the CeilingVIEW HD HideAway lift system creates a more aesthetically pleasing camera solution. You no longer have cameras hanging from exposed ceiling or wall mounts, obstructing the views of the presentation area. The cameras, mount and cabling are all concealed within the lift system back box in the ceiling. The HideAway also provides a more secure mount for the camera, deterring theft or tampering.

Choose from any of Vaddio's RoboSHOT and HD-Series QSR, QUSB and QDVI Systems. The CeilingVIEW HD HideAway Power Interface provides power, video and control over Cat. 5 cables from the physical lift system to the head end. The motorized back box assembly, ceiling bridge mounting bracket and ceiling trim ring offer an easy-to-install, high definition lift solution for any presentation room.

**Not compatible with QCCU systems or stand-alone RoboSHOT or HD-Series cameras (PowerVIEW & ClearVIEW). 

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