CCU Slot Card for Vaddio HD-Series Cameras

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Key Features
  • Red and blue gain, detail, pedestal, gamma, knee, chroma and iris controls
  • Delivers high quality HD and SD video over standard Cat. 5 cabling
998-6900-006 (Worldwide)

The CCU Slot Card is built for the QCCU systems to be used with the ClearVIEW HD-20SE and PowerVIEW HD-22, HD-30 high definition pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

The CCU Slot Card paired with the CCU Quick-Connect™ Interface enables the adjustment of color, gain, pedestal, gamma and iris functions on the camera with the turn of a knob. These controls allow the camera to deliver a more accurate representation of the image that is being captured and color match and shade multiple cameras. User-defined adjustments may be stored using two Scene buttons.

Drawings and Manuals