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  • Canon BU-47H
999-4147-000 (North America), 999-4147-001 (International)

The Canon BU-47H weatherproof remote control robotic pan-tilt HD 16:9 camera features a Canon HD camera equipped with three 1/3-inch (2.37 million-pixel) CCDs, a Genuine Canon HD zoom lens with 18x optical zoom ratio (7.4-134mm), and a remote-control ND (neutral density) filter.

Outputs include HD-SDI or SD-SDI with embedded audio (using a third-party microphone) and standard-definition composite NTSC. The BU-47H remote-control robotic pan-tilt HD camera can output HD-SDI and composite video simultaneously for high-definition recording and standard-definition monitoring at the same time.

The Canon BU-47H works can be controlled by Vaddio's™ Precision Camera Controller and ProductionVIEW™ HD-SDI with the included adapters.

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Product Details
  • 1/3-inch HD 3CCD Image Device
  • Canon HD lens with 18x optical zoom ratio (7.4-134mm)
  • Outputs include HD-SDI or SD-SDI with embedded audio or standard-definition composite video (simultaneous HD-SDI and SD composite video)
  • Powered by 12V DC and provides Genlock input
  • Capable of panning 340 degrees and tilting 80 degrees (30 degrees up, 50 down)
  • The outdoor pan-tilt head and weatherproof housing is designed for operation from -15 to +40 degrees Celsius (+5 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Auto Focus function and Canon’s Image Stabilizer technology
  • Can be controlled by Vaddio Precision Camera Controller and ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
  • Includes adapters for interoperation with Vaddio joystick controllers