Key Features
  • Active IR sensor and acrylic lens cover
  • AutoVIEW IR Interface Controller and power supply
  • One 3-foot (.9m) Cat. 5 patch cable
  • For use with MATRIX PRO, ProductionVIEW & AutoPresenter
999-1701-100 (North America), 999-1701-101 (International)

The AutoVIEW IR Sensor is a single ceiling-mounted IR sensor that when triggered by a person stepping within range, switches to a camera preset. This AutoVIEW IR Kit is compatible with the AutoPresenter, AV Bridge MATRIX PRO and the entire line of ProductionVIEW series of camera control consoles.

The AutoVIEW Active IR Sensor is adjustable for precise presenter control over each IR sensing zone. Each active IR sensor is equipped with a metal mounting enclosure that can be mounted in acoustical ceiling tiles or sheetrock ceilings.

Drawings and Specs