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AutoTrak 2.0 with HD-18 Camera

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Key Features
  • Automated tilting and panning of the camera in one motion
  • True native HD single chip camera and 18x optical zoom
  • AutoTrak POD allows triggering of up to three camera presets
  • Automatic/Manual White Balance
  • Optional EasyTALK Wireless Audio Interface
  • Must be certified to sell/purchase/install the AutoTrak 2.0 System
Other Views
  • AutoTrak 2.0 with HD-18 Camera
999-7250-000 (North America), 999-7250-001 (Europe/UK)

* All Vaddio tracking camera systems must be programmed by either a Vaddio Certified Installation Technician, or Vaddio Factory Technician. (See 999-PROG-000).

* Integrators MUST complete the Online Certification Tutorial to submit a PO, specify and design Vaddio Tracking Systems.

*Integrators MUST complete the one-day, hands-on certification course in MN at Vaddio headquarters to program and install the Vaddio Tracking Systems.

AutoTrak 2.0 is Vaddio's revolutionary high definition camera tracking system with SmoothTilt technology.

The instructor wears an IR lanyard belt pack that emits infrared light received by an IR PTZ camera. Video is then sent from the IR PTZ camera to the Tracking Camera. In addition to moving from side-to-side, the new SmoothTilt automates the tilting and panning of the camera in one motion as the instructor moves closer or further away from the camera. You will be centrally framed no matter where you stand. The new AutoTrakPOD allows the presenter to quickly switch between three tracking camera presets. An additional “Rescan” button on the AutoTrakPOD instantly activates IR lanyard reacquisition.

Paired with Vaddio’s HD-18 HD PTZ camera option, the AutoTrak 2.0 system comes equipped with a 1/3", 1.3 megapixel CCD imaging sensor, glass multi-element wide dynamic zoom lens (18x optical), a tally light and a 1.8-lux rating. Automatic and Manual White Balance modes were also added to increase control over lighting conditions within the presentation area. AutoTrak 2.0 even features a rechargeable belt back with a lithium-ion battery for extended hours of operation. 

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