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Vaddio™ Introduces DomeVIEW Line of Integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras for the Security Market to ASIS 2006

September 25, 2006

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Vaddio is proud to bring its latest innovations, the DomeVIEW product line, for the Security Market to ASIS 2006 in San Diego, CA, September 25-28. This product promises to deliver the ease of use and unmatched value for which Vaddio has come to be known. As an OEM for the complete line of PTZ cameras from Sony and Canon, Vaddio has designed integrated packages for outdoor domes, indoor pendant domes and flush mount domes built around the industry leading camera technologies of the Sony EVI D-70 cameras and the Canon VC-C50i cameras.

Included in each package is the Vaddio EZCamera Cabling System, which allows the integrator to use the camera packages in all types of camera installations. The Vaddio EZCamera Cabling System provides video, power and control to the cameras over standard CAT-5 cable at distances up to 1000 feet! This significantly decreases the costs of installation by eliminating the requirement for power out at each camera location.

Vaddio strives to make camera technologies "easy to use and even easier to install" and this new line of DomeVIEW camera packages will now provide integrators the ability to use the highest quality cameras on the market in all types of security applications.