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Vaddio™ Announces New Tracking System Trade-In Program

Save $1500 on AutoTrak™ by Trading in any ParkerVision Tracking System

September 29, 2011

Let’s face it. Old technology is labor intensive and expensive to repair, providing you can even get it repaired. Don't get stuck with an obsolete tracking system. Take advantage of the Vaddio Trade-In Program for ParkerVision legacy customers and receive cash off a new Vaddio AutoTrak system.

AutoTrak is Vaddio’s newest, award-winning automated camera tracking system designed for educational and corporate training facilities. The instructor wears a lanyard system that allows the AutoTrak PTZ camera to follow them in a smooth accurate panning motion, as they walk around the presentation area of a classroom.


Vaddio Tracking Trade-In Program

You no longer need a staff person to operate a camera in a classroom to follow the instructor as they conduct class. Instructors don’t have to change the way they present course content. Simply slip the lanyard around your neck and the camera will follow.

For those educators who have existing ParkerVision camera tracking systems, it’s time to dispose of your legacy CameraMan technology and receive cash off the purchase of a Vaddio solution. The trade-in product can be in either working condition or non-working condition.

Simply trade in your existing ParkerVision video equipment before March 31, 2012 and receive a $1500.00 credit toward the purchase of Vaddio's AutoTrak system.  More details can be found at

Educators and corporate trainers are looking to integrate consistency into their classrooms across campus. Vaddio provides that consistency by designing cutting-edge classroom technology that’s simple to operate and easy to install.