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Vaddio™ Launches New PTZ Camera Series Featuring True Broadcast Camera Robotics and Revolutionary New Range-Set Image Control Technology

“On-Air” Quality Robotic Camera Technology for Broadcast-Quality Video Production

June 18, 2014

Vaddio introduces the RoboSHOT Conference and RoboSHOT Broadcast PTZ camera systems. This new camera series features Range-Set image control, a revolutionary new camera optical image control technology that allows integrators and technical staff the ability to set the appropriate camera wide field-of-view and optical zoom range to match the requirements of the room.

Another major innovation of the RoboSHOT series is a total redesign of the camera robotics called Tri-Synchronous Motion.  This new robotic design is based on a smooth, direct drive motor system that incorporates integrated optical positioning encoders for absolute camera positioning.  In addition to the new robotics, Vaddio has developed a new camera control protocol that allows simultaneous control commands.  Now pan, tilt and zoom are just one command resulting in the ability to deliver smooth and repeatable “On-Air” camera moves.  From preset to preset or with an operator-controlled joystick, Tri-Synchronous Motion eliminates the problems with single-threaded control protocols such as VISCA that require separate pan, tilt and zoom commands that cause jerky and unnatural camera movement. 
“Integrated robotic camera design has not changed in years” Stated Rob Sheeley, President of Vaddio. “And while the end-users requirements have expanded how and where integrated robotic cameras are being used, we as an industry have not kept up with these new demands. The RoboSHOT’s revolutionary new design is based on those new requirements. Our new Range-Set imaging technology allows users to customize the camera to meet the imaging requirements of the room.  The new camera robotics allow an operator to deliver production-quality “On-Air” camera motion that rivals the best broadcast robotics in the industry”
The RoboSHOT features a Sony 1/2.8” Exmor CMOS imaging sensor with native HD resolution of 1920x1080p60.  New ISP (Image Signal Processor) functions include advanced noise reduction, skin tone correction, razor sharp auto-focus and automatic light management.  As a result, the camera produces vivid, detailed video images with accurate color reproduction at all HD video resolutions. RoboSHOT cameras are designed to work with Vaddio’s family of Quick-Connect camera interface systems that continue to allow integrators easy CAT-5 cable installations.
Range-Set is Vaddio’s new way of simplifying the process of selecting and integrating the right PTZ camera for a project. Range-Set allows you to set limits for your cameras zoom and wide field-of-view based on the rooms requirements.  The RoboSHOT Broadcast features a zoom range up to 30x with a 67-degree wide-end field of view while the RoboSHOT Conference features a zoom range up to 12x with up to 73-degree wide field of view.


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