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Vaddio™ RoboSHOT™ HDMI Series – Now Shipping

May 21, 2015

Vaddio’s RoboSHOT 12 HDMI and RoboSHOT 30 HDMI featuring HDMI out, an Ethernet Port for IP control, an advanced image signal processor (ISP) and Vaddio’s world-class robotic camera technology, Tri-Synchronous Motion, is now shipping.

The RoboSHOT HDMI series is designed for simplicity in applications that only need HDMI video. Control functionality is accomplished via Telnet, RS-232, IR Remote and the camera’s built-in web server, which allows users to control the camera functions on a web page with any browser over the IP network.

“We are excited to ship the latest RoboSHOT HDMI series camera,” stated Ed Ellett, President and CEO of Vaddio. “The RoboSHOT HDMI series offers a competitive advantage to our camera lineup by offering a direct HDMI connection to any venue’s digital video infrastructure and fits perfectly into a variety of applications including a House of Worship or distance education classroom setting.”

Like all RoboSHOT series cameras, the RoboSHOT 12 HDMI and RoboSHOT 30 HDMI come fully equipped with Vaddio’s Tri-Synchronous Motion technology, a silent, direct drive motor system that allows all three axes of the camera (pan, tilt and zoom) to move simultaneously for ultra smooth, natural camera motion.