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Hi-Fi Meets Hi-Def with Vaddio’s™ New AutoTrak™ 2.0 Wireless Audio Interface

AutoTrak Wireless Audio Interface features Vaddio's EasyTALK™ Wireless Microphone Technology

January 31, 2012

The AutoTrak 2.0 Wireless Audio Interface is built around Vaddio’s new EasyTALK wireless microphone technology for clearer professional-grade AV sound quality. Featuring a high-quality unidirectional microphone element built into the IR Lanyard, AutoTrak 2.0 eliminates the need for a separate wireless microphone system. And the 2.4GHZ full frequency spectrum audio offers interference-free operation and wide-band sound quality, even in the presence of other conventional channel-mapped wireless systems.

AutoTrak 2.0 - Wireless_audio_front_med.jpg

AutoTrak 2.0 Wireless Audio Interface

“EasyTALK is the first in our line of new USB audio products,“ stated Rob Sheeley, president of Vaddio. “The Wireless Audio Interface for AutoTrak 2.0 was designed to incorporate the instructor’s audio into our tracking system. You now get professional-grade audio without having to use a separate wireless microphone with AutoTrak 2.0.”

There are two audio outputs to connect directly with your room’s existing audio system and with the enhanced DSP functions; you can customize the audio for specific room and speaking conditions. Besides both balanced and unbalanced outputs, our wireless audio system also incorporates a USB audio output as well. 

The USB audio output can be directly connected to a PC as a microphone input for use with Skype, Microsoft Lync, Google+ or other software-based videoconferencing clients. It truly is a plug and play device, so no software, drivers or configuration is needed – resulting in an easy, automated installation. In addition, the balanced and unbalanced audio outputs easily integrate with your room’s existing audio system.