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AV Bridges

  • AV Bridge Family

    Bridge the space between the world of USB conferencing and the world of pro AV with products incorporating the best of both worlds.

    • AV Bridge Mini

      NOW SHIPPING! The AV Bridge Mini encodes, captures and streams content in a convenient, compact half-rack size.

      999-8240-000 (North America), 999-8240-001 (Europe/UK), 999-8240-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • Enables software-based video conferencing with Pro AV peripherals
      • Outputs simultaneous USB 3.0 and IP streaming with up to 1080p quality
      • Compact half-rack unit size fits anywhere – easy to install
    • AV Bridge MatrixMIX

      The industry’s first multipurpose AV production switcher that brings live event production to unified conferencing applications. The AV Bridge MatrixMIX offers a multifunctional feature set to combine switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing capabilities – all from a single appliance.

      999-5660-000 (North America), 999-5660-001 (Europe/UK), 999-5660-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • 8x2 video mixer with multiviewer output
      • 11x7 audio mixer supports analog, HDMI, USB and IP audio channels
      • Embedded RTSP IP and USB 3.0 output streaming
      • Two graphic keying layers per output channel
    • AV Bridge MATRIX PRO

      Ideal for conferencing and lecture capture applications, AV Bridge MATRIX PRO combines audio and video mixing functionality into a single device, allowing you to add multiple cameras, microphones and other AV devices into a traditional AV room design.

      999-8230-000 (North America), 999-8230-001 (Europe/UK), 999-8230-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • AV encoder with simultaneous IP and USB 2.0 streaming
      • High-definition streaming quality – 1080p
      • Four-input HD video switcher
      • Built-In Quick-Connect™ Technology
      • 9x5 cross-point audio matrix mixer/switcher
      • Four EasyMic audio ports with built-in AEC
      • Easy, intuitive web-based user interface
    • AV Bridge CONFERENCE

      Incorporate PC-Based UC Applications Into Professional AV Designs.

      999-8215-000 (North America), 999-8215-001 (Europe/UK), 999-8215-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • Supports high definition encoding of audio and video sources
      • Seamlessly integrates with Vaddio’s HD cameras, presentation systems, video mixing consoles, and other pro audio products with AEC
      • 2-way analog audio ins and outs
      • Minimizes interoperability problems by implementation of standards based UVC and UAC drivers
    • AV Bridge

      AV Bridge provides integrators the ability to integrate soft codecs such as Skype, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync and many others into their traditional AV designs.

      999-8210-000 (North America), 999-8210-001 (Europe/UK), 999-8210-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • Capture and stream meetings directly to PC (USB) or network (IP) *Not available simultaneously
      • Support HD encoding of audio/video sources
      • IP streaming enables up to 1080p/30 using H.264
      • Stream direct to PC with USB 720p/30 sources using MJPEG encoding with PCM uncompressed audio
      • Seamlessly interfaces with most AV equipment
      • Simple user interface and control
      • Switchable audio and video inputs
  • MATRIX PRO Companion Products

    Bridge the space between the world of USB conferencing and the world of pro AV with products incorporating the best of both worlds.