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Camera Controllers

  • Camera Controllers

    Professional AV tools that are easy to operate, control and automate - perfect for use in live event settings such as auditoriums, government facilities, Houses of Worship or presentation areas of a classroom.

    • PCC MatrixMIX Live Production Controller

      Designed for use with the AV Bridge MatrixMIX Multipurpose AV Switcher, the PCC MatrixMIX Live Production Controller is equipped with precision controls for camera operation via the AV Bridge MatrixMIX.

      999-5755-000 (North America), 999-5755-001 (Europe/UK), 999-5755-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • Easy-to-find camera functions, pan, tilt and zoom speed control knobs
      • Illuminated push buttons for camera selection
      • Large focus knob for fine control with auto/manual toggle and three-axis Hall-effect joystick
      • Browser-based user interface for control anywhere
    • PCC Premier
      • 7 in. Touchscreen
      • PoE+

      Vaddio’s PCC Premier, Precision Camera Controller Premier, is the newest addition to the camera controller consoles with the added advantage of anywhere, anytime control for your best video production yet. The PCC Premier can control up to eight Vaddio, Sony and Panasonic cameras with RS-232 and controlling an additional 80 Vaddio IP cameras over the IP Network.

      999-5750-000 (North America), 999-5750-001 (Europe/UK)

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      Key Features
      • Control up to 16 PTZ cameras at a time
      • 7 in. touchscreen interface for full camera image controls
      • Integrated web interface for administrative access anywhere
      • PoE+
      • Three-axis Hall effect joystick
      • Precision controls for demanding camera operation environments
      • H.264 Decoder
    • ProductionVIEW Precision Camera Controller

      Joystick controller for extremely smooth and accurate pan, tilt and zoom control.

      999-5700-000 (North America), 999-5700-001 (Europe/UK)

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      Key Features
      • Red and blue gain, detail, iris with adjustable gain controls
      • Large focus wheel for fast, accurate manual focus
      • Seven discrete auto-sensing RS-232C camera control ports
      • External control capability (RS-232 and Tally)
      • Link port for linking to second Precision Camera Controller up to 500 feet
      • 14 presets per camera