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Presenter Tracking Systems

  • Automated Tracking Systems

    Designed to provided a smooth and accurate panning and tilting motion that follows a presenter around the room.

    • RoboTRAK Presenter Tracking System

      RoboTRAK is an IR lanyard-based camera tracking system. It provides a smooth, accurate panning and tilting motion that follows the instructor as they walk around the presentation area of a classroom, eliminating the need for a camera operator.

      999-7270-000 (North America), 999-7270-001 (Europe/UK), 999-7270-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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      Key Features
      • Compatible with all RoboSHOT Cameras
      • Up to 40 hours of lanyard operation between charges; 25 hours typical
      • Web-based configuration
    • RoboTRAK Lanyard

      IR tracking lanyard for the RoboTRAK system.

      999-7271-000 (North America), 999-7271-001 (Europe/UK), 999-7271-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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    • RoboTRAK Extended Lanyard

      999-7272-000 (North America), 999-7272-001 (Europe/UK), 999-7272-009 (Australia/New Zealand)

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